Communications highlights

​La Trobe Postgrad Expo: The Future of Work Panel


 It was an absolute pleasure to chat with three incredible, intelligent and diverse women. From a lawyer, social entrepreneur and business owner, hear the perspectives about the 'Future of Work' from our unique career pathways at the La Trobe University Postgraduate Expo. 

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La Trobe Postgrad Expo: Women in STEM Presentation


 It was such a privileged to be invited to open the first La Trobe Postgraduate Expo with a 30 min presentation on my journey in science. What a great opportunity to share my insights being a women in science, and traveling along the PhD roller-coaster. 

Heard Sun's 25 under 25 Young People to Watch


 Being featured in the Herald Sun's 25 Young and Brightest was one of my most proud moments to date. Between the Olympic athletes and business entrepreneurs, this was definitely a humbling moment of self reflection. 

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Einstein A Go-Go Triple R Radio Interview


 Immunology is all around us well, it's within us. Our immune system keeps us healthy and builds us stronger. Hear my experience when I was able to chat with the team at Einstein A Go-Go about infections and immunity. 

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Straight from a Scientist Podcast Interview


 Everyday billions of cells within our body die through pathways such as apoptosis. Therefore, cell death is embedded within our bodily regulation and disease onset. Hear my first podcast interview with SFS when we talked everything cell death! 

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La Trobe University Upstart Video Interview


What a great day chatting about my research in the lab and experiences as a women in science with the LTU Upstart team. 

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Using Instagram to document the life of a scientist

If you had asked me 20 or even 10 years ago what it meant to be a 'scientist' I would not have known what to say. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people especially our younger generation. Therefore, in September 2017 I began documenting my life as a scientist as Some Blonde Scientist on Instagram, with the hope to challenge the stereotypes of scientists and demonstrate where a simple love of science can take you.

Among the exciting experiments, overseas conferences and daily lab activities, I strive to portray an honest perception of scientific research. Whether that be rejection letters or failed lab work, you will see it all at on my Instagram @someblondescientist. 

2019 international womens day

To celebrate the 2019 International Womens Day, I initiated a project with La Trobe University to showcase what it means to be a women in science. Hear the experiences and advice from three women in three different career stages in science at the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science.

Communications and outreach


2019       Currently supervising one PhD student and one third-year undergrad  student (LIMS)

2017       Co-supervised one Honours student (LIMS).

2015-2018       Mentored 8 undergraduate students on laboratory placements (LIMS).

Manuscript reviews:

2019       Biochemical Society Transactions

2018       Frontiers in Immunology

2017       Scientific Reports

Oral communications:

2019       Selected to present at the international science communication event, Pint of Science, a ticketed and sold out event, the largest in Victoria for 2019.

2019       Participated in the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research New Faces Symposium.

2018-2019      Invited guest lecture for the Biochemistry and Genetics, Honours and Masters cohort (LIMS)

2018       Invited guest speaker as a ‘Woman in STEM’ to open the 2018 LTU Post Graduate Expo and invited                    panelist to discuss the ‘Future of Work’ as the science representative.

2018       Invited guest speaker for the LTU Subject Selection Fair, Biochemistry session .

2018       Invited guest speaker for the LTU Communicating your Research, Audio and Visual workshop.

2018       Invited video interview as the Biomedical Science representative with LTU media for 2018 Open Day.

2018       Invited video interview with the student LTU media program Upstart. Interviewed live about a career in research, scientific communications and women in STEM.

2016-2018       Invited guest speaker at the LTU annual Pearls of Wisdom cocktail evening to share experiences, advice and inspire residential students.

2018       Invited interview with LTU media about scientific communications.

2016       Invited interview for the blog Nest covering women in STEM.

2015-2016       Invited seminar for the undergraduate program Hallmark addressing skills, challenges and advice for scientific research (LTU).

2016       Invited as a panelist for the Australian Society for Medical Research Tertiary Careers Evening.

2015       Invited guest speaker to residential student leaders on leadership skills (LTU).

2015       Invited guest speaker to undergraduate Molecular Sciences students to promote post-graduate research (LIMS).

2015       Participated in the 3 Minute Thesis competition (LIMS).

Radio and podcasts:

2019       Interviewed on Triple R’s Einstein a Go-Go about current research and Pint of Science.

2018       Invited podcast interview with the international program Straight from a Scientist.

2018       Invited podcast interview with the University of Melbourne's Secret Life of Stem.

2016       Interviewed on Triple R’s Einstein a Go-Go to discuss infection and immunity research 

2016       Interviewed on the ABC’s 774 by David Astle about cell death research.

2015       Interviewed on ABC’s Breakfast radio with Red Symons about cell death research.

Written communications:

2016 & 2018       Invited blog piece for the Research Education and Development Alert blog (LTU).

2018        Invited article for the Japanese cell death magazine, The Dying Code.

Outreach and community engagement:

2019       Participated in the Day of Immunology Careers workshop at the Gene Technology Access Centre for secondary school students.

2019       Lead manager for the Day of Immunology LIMS Discovery Tour. This was a public event with ~50 attendees that included managing a volunteer team of 27 and organising laboratory based-workshops, tours, budgeting, communications and liaising with an invited guest speaker. This event was rated an overall score of 4.8/5 by attendees.

2019       Committee member and secretary and organiser of the inter-institutional trivia night for Melbourne post-doctorate researchers.

2019       Committee member for the international science communication event Pint of Science, which was held on three consecutive nights at 9 venues. This role included managing venues, judging speaker applications and liaising with over 60 selected speakers, communications and social media advertisement.

2018 – 2019        Organiser of fortnightly institute journal club.

2018 – 2019        Appointed as the LIMS Fellows Society of Postdoctoral Researchers
Communications Officer.

2018        General committee member for Day of Immunology LIMS Discovery Tour.

2018        Invited as a co-chair and co-organiser of a networking session for Australian and Japanese researchers at the JAM on Cell Death meeting (Tokyo).

2017 & 2018        Attended the LTU Communicating your Research, Writing and What’s your
 pitch workshops.

2017 & 2018        Attended the LIMS Fellows Grants workshop.

2016 & 2017        Volunteered at the LTU Open Day and responsible for running laboratory demonstrations, giving course advice and engaging in discussion with future students and families.

2016        Involved a professional development program for secondary school teachers which involved an oral presentation and demonstration of confocal microscopy (LIMS).

2013        Employed as the LTU Residential Assistant Coordinator of Menzies College to manage a team of 14 student leaders. This role also included the supervision of approximately 300 residential students with emphasis on mental health, wellbeing, leadership, and rules and regulations.

2016        Employed as the Social Coordinator of Glenn College to manage a student leadership team of 12 and organise social events and budgeting. Events were catered for approximately 300-900 students.

2011 – 2013        Volunteered at the LTU Residential College Open Day and was responsible for residential tours, advice and discussion with students and families.

Society involvement

- LIMS Fellows Society of Postdoctoral Researchers member (since 2017).

- Australian Society for Medical Research member (since 2015).

- Australian Society of Immunology member (since 2015).

- Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology member (since 2015).

- International Society for Extracellular Vesicles member (since 2017).

LTU: La Trobe University

LIMS: La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science