The dance of death

Everyday billions of cells within the human body will die through a regulated type of cell death known as apoptosis. By using time-lapse imaging, we discovered that monocytes, key white blood cells of the immune system, undergo an explosive cell death by forming long structures we termed beaded-apoptopodia. The what, how and why then became the underlining questions of my research.


ROCK1 but not LIMK1 or PAK2 is a key regulator of apoptotic membrane blebbing and cell disassembly

Tixeira R, Phan TK, Caruso S, Shi B, Atkin-Smith GK, Nedeva C, Chow JDY, Puthalakath H, Hulett MD, Herold MJ & Poon IKH 

Cell Death & Differentation

01 May 2019

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Moving beyond size and phosphatidylserine exposure: evidence for a diversity of apoptotic cell-...

Poon IKH, Parkes MAF, Jiang L, Atkin-Smith GK, Tixeira R, Gregory C, Ozkocak DC, Rutter SF, Caruso S, Santavanond JP, Paone S, Shi B, Hodge AL, Hulett MD, Chow JDY, Phan TK & Baxter AA 

Journal of Extracellular Vesicles

26 April 2019

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Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles 2018 (MISEV2018): a position statement...

Thery C, Witwer KW, …Atkin-Smith GK et al.

Journal of Extracellular Vesicles

03 March 2016

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The induction and consequences of Influenza A virus-induced cell death

Atkin-Smith GK, Duan M, Chen W & Poon IKH

Cell Death and Disease

25 September 2018

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Detection and isolation of apoptotic bodies to high purity

 Phan TK, Poon IKH & Atkin-Smith GK

Journal of Visualized Experiments

12 August 2018

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​Determining the contents and cell origins of apoptotic bodies by flow cytometry

Jiang L, Paone S, Caruso S, Atkin-Smith GK, Phan TK, Hulett MD & Poon IKH

Scientific Reports

31 October 2017

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Isolation of cell type-specific apoptotic bodies by fluorescence-activated cell sorting

Atkin-Smith GK, Paone S, Zanker DJ, Duan M, Phan TK, Chen W, Hulett MD & Poon IKH

Scientific Reports

06 January 2017

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​Defining the morphologic features and products of cell disassembly during apoptosis

Tixeia R, Caruso S, Paone S, Baxter AA, Atkin-Smith GK, Hulett MD & Poon IKH


19 January 2017

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​Monitoring the progression of cell death and disassembly of dying cells by flow cytometry

Jiang L, Tixeira R, Caruso S, Atkin-Smith GK, Baxter AA, Hulett MD, Paone S and Poon IKH

Nature Protocols

03 March 2016

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A novel mechanism of generating extracellular vesicles during apoptosis via beads-on-a-string...


Atkin-Smith GK, Tixeira R, Paone S, Mathivanan S, Collins C, Liem M, Goodall KJ, Ravichandran KS, Hulett MD & Poon IKH

Nature Communications

15 June 2015

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